Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

The pediatric dentist has two additional years of education devoted to the practice of children’s dentistry. The pediatric dental office focuses solely on delivering the highest quality care to your child in an environment that is friendly, relaxing, and welcoming.

Our pediatric dental office staff is well equipped to give your child the best possible dental experience. Our staff is aware of your child’s emotional and developmental needs, as well as the physical differences between children, teens and adults.

With infants and toddlers, we are here to guide parents and guardians to the best decisions about their youngster’s oral health. With the older child and teens, we are  part of the team that develops life long good habits.

In addition to the normal range of dental services, the pediatric dentist provides:

   • Infant oral health exams, including caries risk assessment for the child

   • Preventive care, including nutrition and diet recommendations

   • Habit counseling – help with thumb-sucking, pacifier use, etc

   • Early assessment and intervention for orthodontic problems

   • Special care for the medically or emotionally challenged child

We look forward to developing a partnership with you and your child to insure the best dental experience possible.
Dr. Andy Soderstrom, D.D.S
Pediatric Dentist